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The dictionary definition of "clock" is interesting. Probably from old French or from Low Latin, cloca, clocca, a bell. Dutch, klok. German, glocke, a bell.

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An examination of Babylonian and Greek measurements of time is too abstruse to be included in a volume of this nature. The first clocks indicated the hour alone by a hand attached to the axis of a wheel. It is curious to read that "until the eighteenth century georgian chats England the hour was commonly reckoned as the twelfth part of the time between sunrise and sunset, or between sunset and sunrise, and hence was of varying durations" Webster's New International Dictionary, It is in [Pg 40] certain periods representative, in its marquetry or lacquered case, of styles of decoration and de georgina only equalled by copyists.

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But—the word of warning cannot be too strongly sounded to all possessors of old clocks. The Babylonians began their day at sunrise, the Athenians and Jews at sunset, the ancient Egyptians and Romans at midnight.

Nature marked definitely the hours of light and hours of darkness. The clocks of the intervening period are of value as representing work of extreme carefulness, and are of course worthy of the attention and admiration of the collector. Striking and alarum clocks, and intricate mechanism showing phases of the moon, the year, the day of the month, and the georggian of the Church, were produced.

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It is like a poor relation thrusting his company upon his fellow-guests with dumb tongue and a solemn demeanour telling of former glories. Hooke protested. Paul's, Covent Garden, in or earlier.

The nobility employed, on the Continent and in this country, great clockmakers to produce these new scientific timekeepers for use in georgian chats private apartments. With pendulum in front of dial. But how shorn of his former glory is the clockmaker in these conditions!

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Tompion fecit It was doubtless used in the expedition round the Geogian Cape. It is in the collection at Rosenborg Castle at Copenhagen.

This led to portable clocks of smaller dimensions being possible. Every year fine examples of old work are ruined for ever by ignorant repairers and restorers.

In old geoorgian there is a verge escapement with a cross-bar balanced by weights. The Great English Masters of Clockmaking. It was carried on the person. The Solar day is exactly 24 hours, the Lunar day is 24 hours 50 minutes, and the Sidereal day is 23 hours 56 minutes. With pendulum behind back plate of clock.

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By Bartholomew Newsam The illustration we give p. In a measure it supplanted the clock and drove it on to a lower plane. Its Use as a Bracket or Wall Clock. In the fifteenth century a spiral spring placed georgian chats a barrel replaced the weight attached to a string as the motive power. Waller, Some other self-acting mechanism had to be devised. That is, it was usual to wind it by pulling up the chains once a day, a method retained, in long-case clocks of thirty-hour duration, by provincial makers a couple of centuries later in England.

It will be observed that georgian chats clocks have only one hand—the hour hand. The moment this point was reached, ornamentation of a rich and elaborate character was applied to such objects [Pg 33] of art, then only in the possession of princes and nobles and the richest classes of society.

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But we illustrate an example of a square dial by John Bushman, London, aboutwith crown and verge escapement, with short pendulum, and alarum chags striking and going trains run by same weight. We love the georgian chats with candles, with its finely, fashioned brass forms, Dutch and English.

If the georfian of tomorrow is to be a mere soulless machine, the demand will be met. This is exact as far as it goes, but the thought seizes one, how did it come about that georgian chats attempted to measure time? The term "second" was at first called "second-minute," denoting that it was the second division of an hour by sixty.

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